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India Job Market is Upbeat

When recession was blooming around all over, people losing their jobs or those still working were facing pay cuts, the question is when will this situation change? The economic setback had hampered the availability of jobs around the world. People were scared of changing their jobs and are sticking to their old jobs. But all is not dark.


Market has started picking up the hold gradually. A significant change has been seen in past few months. But still companies are growing slow with new openings and recruiting people cautiously. Instead of hiring someone they are looking for experienced and right candidates for their company.

There are some bright areas, where the job prospects have improved to great extent. But one should be aware of which careers are booming at this current job market. The scenario of job market in India is much better then what are seen in western countries at present. Good time is back if the It sector is considered in India. IT industry shows much improvement where recruitment is concerned in past few months. Many IT companies have already started hiring people in great force. Amongst the leading sectors is the BPO industry which is showing remarkable growth. It is growing at a rate of 50 percent on yearly basis. Industry expertise reports that besides the BPO sector, bio-sciences and healthcare are other emerging sectors.

Many big organizations are planning expansions and recruitment programs. Many top software companies in India like Wipro, Satyam, Cognizant, HCL technologies, Kanbay and Geometric Software Solutions are recruiting people. Many job search sites like reports that, compared to the last six-seven months, there are 30 percent more telecom and IT related jobs posted on the site. Besides campus interviews and recruitment that most companies undertake every year in the month of May-June, are also recruiting experienced and skilled IT professionals from the industry as well.

There is great demand for experienced and skilled software professionals. There is demand for consultative skills as well in different areas. Companies like Kanbay International have requirements for developers, business analysts and project managers. Java and Dot Net professionals are in great demand, even senior developers, architects and software testing professionals has much openings.

Industry expertise reports that the job opening scenario is improving but not the salary scenario, people are still waiting for salary hikes. However, there might be some level of improvements in the mid, with reduction in entry level salaries a step further. Considering the economical slowdown, the professionals are not expecting where salaries are concerned. A major growth is expected in near future where metros like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are considered.