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There is good news for all the IT professionals in India or for all those who are the IT aspirants’ global economic scenario has been improving and a renewed wave of reforms are back in India, IT giant Infosys says” it is bullish over better growth prospects of IT sector in 2013 and expects greater job creation this year”. "I believe 2013 to be better than 2012 for IT sector as globally lots of uncertainties have been removed, US elections are over, Europe is not going to split and people believe that it is going to stay together," Infosys Co-founder and Executive Co-Chairman told PTI here.

He was attending the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum along with the top executives of a host of other Indian IT firms such as TCS, Wipro, HCL and Mahindra Satyam-Tech Mahindra. "When I say 2013 is going to be better, this means that growth opportunities for Indian IT industry are going to be better and that is what I expect," he said. "That also means that more jobs will be created by the industry. 25 lakh people are currently employed by IT industry and even if you look at 10 per cent growths, then you are looking at 2-2.5 lakh additional people being hired by the industry and that is very good”.

Kris as he is popular in this name said that a clearer picture would emerge after Infosys and other IT firms announce their full fiscal results for 2012-13. His view regarding the broader economic scenario was something like this, "Reforms that have happened in last few months have improved the sentiments, increased the confidence, and I expect the growth to reach 7 per cent or more in 2013”.

"This is a right signal to the investment community saying that we continue to emphasize on economic growth and on attracting investment and continue to focus on making sure that jobs are created with economic growth.” "It's actually a very positive thing and the reaction that I am getting from the foreign investment community and the business leaders here is that they want this to be continued and sustained and I am hoping that we will see more announcements and more initiatives from the government and that will help us achieve a seven per cent growth and even more," he said. S Gopalakrishnan, along with NR Narayana Murthy and five others, founded Infosys in 1981.

The other IT giants in India like TCS, Wipro and other companies, echoed his view. So, you should keep our fingers crossed and keep your resumes ready so that you don’t miss a single opportunity of getting the right jobs. In addition you must learn and try to gather knowledge as much as you can, because if you are not well prepared you may not get jobs in spite of innumerable number of vacancies in IT jobs.

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