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How to mention about Salary requirements in a Cover Letter

There is a norm in many job postings will ask you to mention your salary requirements when you are applying for the position.

First of all you have to remember, do not mention about your salary expectation or requirement if the ad doesn't mention it. The best thing is letting the prospective employer to bring up the issue of salary first.

Generally, employers ask for the salary information for various reasons. If your salary expectation is too high, they can simply eliminated you because these days candidates are too much, compared to the employment so every recruitment process has become a process of elimination than process of selection.  

You should consider the salary history request seriously because that’s actually important for your recruiter otherwise he should not have asked it, so it’s better not to ignore it and respond it with a positive thought. And also if you don’t mention then you may never get the interview call in the first place. So speak about it.

When salary requirements are requested, start with a note saying that your salary is negotiable or flexible. 

When stating a salary range, it's important to make sure that the range is realistic with your designation and role that you want to play. 

When you are bench marking yourself you should determine a bottom line that this could be your lowest margin of salary that you will accept. You must leave some room for negotiations. 

Do not expect that your request will be accepted unless the employer is feeling very generous that day or with you.  Do not only look for Salary as it is only one part of an employer’s offer; so also look for the other benefits employee is offering to you which can be looked as your benefit.  

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