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Good Cover Letter Writing Process

 Just like Jam and bread complement each other similarly your cover letter and resume should make a perfect match. If it’s written the right way, these two documents can complement and play off of each other in order to help you in getting your much desired job. Though it may seems easy to write out a “template” cover letter and jet it off to dozens of employers, but it will never get you far. Employers are smart enough and they can pick out very easily about the enthusiasm of the applicants and they only respond to tailored resumes that show that you did your research. Make your best effort to address it to the right hiring manager and include details that only the company would have.

 There’s nothing better like knowing someone linked to the company you are applying for job. It’s the time to drop their name. Nothing is better than a referral.

While writing cover note; be professional but never become a robot. Stop using bland, overly formal language says nothing about you or describes you. Employers want an employee who is capable, but also someone who would be a good addition to their company culture who can really contribute some productivity in the company.

Your resume should be full of solid facts and to the point, but you can be benefited from your cover letter which can be very much detailed.  You can also consider including a short anecdote or example of a time when you succeeded in your career. This is the time for prose.

A very important tip for sending cover note; attach the cover note in the body of the mail where as send the resume as an attachment. You just need to follow these rules properly and do these things regularly for sending jobs, and very soon you will land with a good job. 

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