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ITand ITES: Computer science was a subject pursued only by the elite inengineering colleges. It is only after Y2K happened that Indian companies beganrecruiting engineers, even those from the non-IT segment. It hasn't stoppedsince. Computer science has now become the hottest subject in educationalinstitutions-from universities to IITs to even B-schools that are offeringspecializations in IT and systems. The sector's growth story has been trulyimpressive. Touching $15.9 billion (Rs.67, 000 cr.) in 2003-4, the industry'scontribution to India's GDP has risen from 1.4 per cent in 1998-99 to over 3per cent now. 

Learningfrom the IT sector, corporate India is aggressively getting globalized andtapping the exports market while adopting world-class employee managementsystems. The five-day week schedule, offices equipped with cafeterias, loungesand gyms, dollar salaries, overseas assignments-jobseekers from various sectorsare getting a taste of the standard the IT sector has set. Even the buoyant BPOsector is absorbing English-speaking graduates in the thousands.

 Retail in India was unorganized until recently. The jobs it offered werenever respectable, well-paying or inspirational. For the educated, middle-classIndians, becoming a sales agent or a merchandise manager was not an option tobe considered. All thave changed in the lst five years as professional organizationshave into the fray in every segment. The retail industry has been booming. Thingsare getting organized here.

According to retail expert KSA Techno Park, "the industry has grown morethan five times in as many years. From Rs.5, 000 cr in 1999 to Rs.28, 000 cr in2004, India's organized retail market has made a giant leap. The total retailmarket is pegged atRs.8, 75,000 cr and a 2002 estimate puts employment at 42million. Experts say the sector creates 1.4 million jobs every year. It isexpected to grow by 25-30 per cent annually to touchRs.1, 00,000 cr by2010". 

A rising disposable income, changing lifestyles and growing consumerism willonly bolster growth in retailing as is evident from the mushrooming ofmultiplexes, hypermarkets and malls. Over 100 malls are expected in Delhi,Mumbai,Banglore etc. The national tally would go up from 20 to 900 by 2009. India isthe second largest emerging retail market in the world after China. 

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