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While the infrastructure sector continues to make news in Gujarat, but IT sectors are also improving with random job growths in the particular state. Skill development is critical for achieving faster, sustainable and inclusive growth on the one hand and for providing decent employment opportunities to the growing young population on the other.

Government of Gujarat has been in the forefront of implementing various skill-building programs with a goal to help people to get jobs and this in-turn has facilitates industrial development. It took lot of initiatives to focus on skill development among the youth of the state such as up gradation of Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), setting up of 20 superior technology training centre, about 1,074 skill development and training courses and new skill generation training centre network under PPP model to cater to the needs of the industries and to speed up the industrial and economic development. In the Yuva Shakti Year, the 150th birth Anniversary year of Swami Vivekananda, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, shared a formula for success with the youth — ' Skill + Will + Zeal = Win'. Industrialists and educationists around the world share this view.

It was suggested that in both the public and private sectors of India more vocational training programs, which would improve the skill sets of the youth and solve the country's problem of unemployment should be included. At the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors summit -2013, automobile majors Volkswagen and Tata Motors, besides 117 other industries, signed memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with the Gujarat government to develop industry responsive skill in workers. At the convention, Gujarat's Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) signed 26 MoUs with various industries.

Finance Minister Vajubhai Vala spoke about the healthy relationship between Industries and labourers in the state and lauded the cooperation extended by the industries and people in state's development. TCS's S.Mahalingam credited the success of PPP model in Gujarat to the farsighted leadership of Hon'ble Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. Due to rapid industrial development in Gujarat, there was a unanimous demand from industries, Industrial Associations, ITIs and technical experts for setting up specialized training facilities on superior technology to provide highly skilled and specialized technical manpower at the shop floor level to cater to the technological needs of the industry. As a result, Swami Vivekanand Superior Technology Centres were established in the State which offers Short Term Courses on Superior Technology in Automobiles, CNC, Chemical and Solar Sectors. Training for these courses is offered through the advanced laboratories & workshops set up in the ITIs for imparting highly specialized training demanded by the industry.

The courses at ITIs have been designed after analyzing the requirements of industries which has made Gujarat a state with the least unemployment. In the last decade there has been a 5-fold increase in the number of ITIs which have been upgraded with new structure, infrastructure, and resources. Considering the rising demand from the industry, the state government is looking to establish 150 skill development centres during 2010-11 to meet the demand of highly skilled category of technicians. India is a young country with 65% of the population below the age of 35.

To reap the demographic dividend, there is an urgent need to put in place an extensive skill development programme so that the employability of youth is enhanced. Small and medium enterprises and the self-employed are the backbone of our industrial and service economy. It plays a key role in creating high economic growth and employment for the exceptionally large labour force that is still working in agriculture. Achieving and sustaining such growth and higher employment will require a boost in industrial and services growth. Skill development is an indispensable ingredient to empower the youth of the country and emerge as a growth engine for global economy.

The Gujarat Skill Development Mission & Gujarat Council of Vocational Training aims to make each and every youth employable. This emphasis on skill development has led Gujarat as the highest job creator in the nation today, generating 72% of the total jobs in India. According to the report (2011-12), while India's unemployment rate stood at 3.8% Gujarat showed lowest rate of 1%. The report also noted that Gujarat has an extremely low unemployment rate among females in urban areas, which is again a progressive sign.

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