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Call centres are comparatively new introduction to the world of careeroptions in India. The career avenues provided by call centres is one of the best suited jobs for fresher and for those who want to earn money quickly. Acall centre is a service centre with adequate telecom facilities, access tointernet and wide database, which provide voice based or web-based information and support to customers in the country or abroad through trained personnel.Call centres is required in all sectors of business including banking, utilities, manufacturing, security, market research, pharmaceuticals, cataloguesales, order desk, customer service, technical queries (help desk), emergency dispatch, credit collections, food service, airline/hotel reservations etc.  


Ahmedabad in Gujarat is fast paced and well organized state with rightkind of infrastructure for opening up to various job openings and call centrejobs are one of them. There is a great scope for Call centres in Ahmedabad, Gujaratas a large population of educated English speaking people are available here.The wide range of opportunities, comparatively well paid jobs for the minimumqualification it requires. English language is the main skill required. Computer literacy, typing speed, knowledge of consumer behaviour, marketingskills along with fetching data from database are the only mandatory things that employers look in the eligible candidates.


Once you get the job the company would provide and fro transport, subsidized meals and medical facilities so in this way you may expect to haveless expenses and you would be able to save more money.


If you are a fresher then you have to undergo intense training to make your selves suited for the job. The training include accent training, listening skills,‘slang’ training, accent neutralisation, telephone etiquette, telesalesetiquette and cyber grammar, interaction skills, customer relationship, management skills and call centre terminology. You will also be given athorough knowledge about the product of the company, even how it couldmalfunction, breakdown and fail its objective, to deal with complaints from customers. Continuous training at regular intervals including updation on thelatest references and slang the callers are likely to use, updation on the new products, developing faster ways of accessing information is a must for growth in this field. There are lot of job opportunities coming up in the field of call centre in Ahmedabad Gujarat.  You can start your career in an International Call Center as a Call Center Executive and earn highly attractive pay packages  per month other than bonuses for outstanding performances.





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